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Keep Guests Safe with an Elegant and Spacious Party Bus

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Did you know that party buses feature all of the same amenities and class of a stretch limo, with an extra roomy interior? Party buses, also commonly referred to as limo buses, are the perfect solution for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, wedding party transport, wine tours, brewery tours, and much more. What do the insides of party buses look like, and what are some of the top reasons to choose one for your next big occasion?

Step Inside…

The exteriors of party or limo buses can resemble a regular tour bus or airport shuttle. It is what is on the insider that counts, however. Inside, party buses are likely to feature a slew of elegant amenities and fixtures, including hardwood flooring, fiber-optic lighting, leather seating, dining booths, fully stocked bars, snack bars, surr

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Liberia A Nation Founded for Freedom and Celebrating Natural Beauty

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According to The New Republic Liberia, Africa has made huge strides in coming back from hard economic times. In fact, tourists heading to the continent have more than quadrupled in the last decade. As of 2012, more than 33 million head to African holiday villas to relax, to play, and to remember.

Nowhere is this more true, perhaps, than in the West African nation of Liberia. This Tennessee sized country of more than four million, according to the World Health Organization, features some of the world’s most beautiful luxury villas, beach resorts, and more. However, as the increasing number of tourists to the region can tell you, its elegant resorts are only part of its charm.

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It’s Time To Put the Hotel Star Rating to Bed

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Let me guess, when you think of a five star hotel, you think of the fanciest joint that you could imagine, with bellhops and a hot tub in every room, room service, champagne, and the best little mints for your pillows. Well, you’re spot on.

But then, what do you think of when you imagine a one star? Roach hotels are nicer. In fact, roaches might even avoid one stars. You get a room with a blinking light bulb, with mysterious stains all over the place and an odd, pervading stench. If you’re lucky enough to get a T.V. in your room, there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually work. And the gentleman behind the desk just glares at you when you talk to him. How’s that sound?

To me, that sounds wrong! It’s finally time we put the myths of hotel stars to rest! Read on for the real truth.

  • One Sta

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