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Why Americans Need to Take Vacations

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In the ever increasing pressure of a constantly connected world, the thought of a vacation can keep you going and give you something to look forward to. As Americans though we have a tendency to short-change ourselves when it comes to relaxation. In fact, as much as 75% of Americans who qualified for paid leave did not take all of it in 2013, according to Glassdoor, an employment website. Worse, we often struggle to switch off when we do take vacation because technology allows us to always remain connected and check email and voicemail even when we are far away. Even if you want to cut ties with the office for your holiday period, colleagues reach out regularly — 25% of survey respondents had been contacted by a colleague and 20% by the boss. This inability to truly relax impacts as many as one in ten

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Finding and Fulfilling Your Vacation Fantasy

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There are times when everyone feels the need to get away, no matter how much you love your job, your home, or your regular routine. Sometimes it is just necessary to get a little change of scenery. And when that time comes, everyone has a different ideal destination or idea of the perfect relaxation. And the options that you have before you as your wonderful and long awaited vacation plans begin to take shape can bring that thrilling feeling of newness and wonder before you even take off.

From towering resorts to the quaint and hidden bed and breakfast
For some, camping is the way to go. Getting out of the city and into nature can be extremely refreshing. Others might need the opposite, thriving on the busy rush and bustle of city life that always has something new to o

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Consider a Beach Condo for Your Next Vacation

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You hear a lot of talk about Americans and even the residents of some other countries being workaholics, but most people do like to take a vacation now and then. About 45% of Americans take a summer vacation and 78% of trips taken in the U.S. are for leisure purposes. When you are planning for your trip, one of the major decisions you have to make is where you are going to stay. There are a few different choices you can make, but if you are going anywhere near the ocean, you will want to consider the option to rent beach condos.

One of the biggest benefits of beach condo rentals is the cost. The average hotel room cost in the U.S. is $120 per room per night, and that’s not accounting f

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