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3 Activities That Make Waterfront Camping More Fun

Colorado camping

The 2014 American Camper Report showed that 14% of Americans over the age of six-years-old camped out in 2013. That’s over 40 million people! I think it’s safe to say that family camping is a favorite vacation choice among people in the U.S.

A lot of vacationers like to camp for extended periods, the average amount of time spent camping, regardless of shelter, was 14.9 days per person. When you’re going to be spending this much time in nature you may want to pick an ideal spot, and camping near a lake is an excellent opportunity to partake in additional camping activities that are water-related, some of which I have listed below:

  • Fishing: Fishing is one of the top lakeside camping activities you can enjoy while on Read more ...

There are Major Benefits to Traveling by Charter Bus

Inside of a charter bus

When you have the urge to be on the move, one of the exciting aspects of planning where you will go next is deciding how you will go. Some people have their preferred mode of transportation, maybe even down to a specific driver or airport or vehicle. But switching it up and trying something new each time can help to broaden your horizons and see things that you might not see had you traveled any other way.

Bus travel often gets mixed reviews when it comes to what people do or do not prefer about it. For some, it is simple and affordable and even relaxing. For others it is too inconvenient or drawn out or crowded. But comfort on board a bus has evolved dramatically over the years, and the benefits of bus travel just might add up to convince you to give it a try.


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