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Camping As a Team Building Activity

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Camping is one of America?s favorite past times. It is an activity that most people have experienced at least one time in their lives. It is affordable and no two camping trips are the same. Camping takes different forms, especially depending on who you are camping with. Although most camping trips are composed of family campgrounds, camping is actually a great option for many other types of groups.

Work events

Some employers focus on employee satisfaction and teamwork. They may encourage certain teamwork activities to increase the communication and togetherness of groups of employees who are required to work together for success purposes. Team building activities increase trust, companionship, and friendship. A camping trip as a team building activity serves a great purpose and gives emplo

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Does Your Group or Team Have an Upcoming Charter Bus Trip?

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While the college gymnastics team made plans to travel by charter bus to the meet, the parents were making their own plans. One group was working on signs to hang in the arena, another group was making plans for a team dinner following the meet, and a final group was working on decorating the hotel room door as a surprise to the girls when they arrived.
The coach and her staff made all of the plans and set the itinerary to travel by charter bus, but once the team arrived the parents were ready to be greeters, supporters, and feeders! At the previous two meets only a portion of the team had been able to travel because the coach had bought airline tickets. On this trip, however, all of the g

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