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Three Considerations to Make When Choosing a Private Jet

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Every business owner knows that no two meetings are alike. Many companies choose to rent a private jet for business travel needs. A survey conducted in 2009 found that respondents traveling by private jet saw a 20% in productivity when compared to being inside of the office. In this post, you will learn three considerations to make before choosing which private jet to charter.

Number of Passengers

If you only need to bring along a few passengers, a light jet should be perfect. These jets may be small in size but they will still provide plenty of speed. Longer trips will call for larger jets. It?s best to utilize a mid size or large cabin jet for any group larger than eight people. There are many types of private jets available to accommodate a wide range of passeng

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How Many Times a Month Do You Travel for Business?

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This would have been the ultimate day to charter a private jet.
As Solar Eclipse 2017 ends, a number of Americans are thrilled to post their photos on social media proving that they were in the right place at the right time. An equal number of Americans, however, were not. Whether they were trapped in traffic on a crowded interstate or trapped with no options because they failed to plan, the people who did not get to witness today’s great solar event may already be making plans for the April 8, 2024, eclipse that will cross a smaller portion of America. And instead of getting stuck on the interstate, or caught off guard with no plans, some Americans may make sure that they have the most detailed plans, even a private jet trip to get you to your destination.
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Tourism Websites Help Connect Travelers to Great Locations

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It is not exactly a camping trip, but with all of the plans you are making for the upcoming total solar eclipse, it might as well be. Your preparation has included everything from a cooler full of food to an emergency first aid kit, and bottles of water to maps that highlight both alternative routes and where gas stations are located. If the predictions about traffic are right, in fact, you need to make sure that you have a plan so that your gas tank never drops to less than half full. The weathermen and other area experts are telling people that it is important to leave for their eclipse destination at least a day in advance, even if the drive is only a couple of hours.
Your husband is certain that the predictions about the highways and interstates being as crowded as hurricane evacuation routes are wrong,

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4 Family Friendly Camping Ideas

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Are you planning a family vacation, but don’t know where exactly to go? Consider heading to some camp resorts near you — as a camping vacation is something everyone in your family will love!

When camping, there are plenty of fun family activities to do, no matter if you are camping near a lake or not. Here are some of our favorite activities to do as a family when you’re camping.

Go on a scavenger hunt

There is nothing more fun than getting outdoors in the thick of things and exploring your campsite! The best way to do so is by planning a scavenger hunt that the entire family will love. Not only will playing along teach you more about your area, you’ll be able to have a healthy dose of competition when the day is done.

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