Three Considerations to Make When Choosing a Private Jet

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Every business owner knows that no two meetings are alike. Many companies choose to rent a private jet for business travel needs. A survey conducted in 2009 found that respondents traveling by private jet saw a 20% in productivity when compared to being inside of the office. In this post, you will learn three considerations to make before choosing which private jet to charter.

Number of Passengers

If you only need to bring along a few passengers, a light jet should be perfect. These jets may be small in size but they will still provide plenty of speed. Longer trips will call for larger jets. It?s best to utilize a mid size or large cabin jet for any group larger than eight people. There are many types of private jets available to accommodate a wide range of passengers. You won?t have to worry about getting everyone seated together like you would during commercial flight travel.

Duration of Trip

It?s important to think about how long a business trip will last. Luckily, there are types of private jets made to accommodate longer flights. A recent survey found that, out of all business aircraft passengers, 72% were management. Managers are known for putting in long hours and watching over many staff members. Larger jets give managers much needed room to rest during travel. Larger types of private aircraft will contain amenities including tables and areas for sleeping. Your passengers will appreciate being able to have the option for a peaceful rest during longer flights.

Nature of Travel

Statistics show that business people flying on commercial airlines experience a 40% drop in productivity. It?s no wonder these people are able to do less work, a commercial flight can be a distracting environment. If you need to get to your destination with a small group of people, you may want to utilize a smaller sized jet. However, if business needs to be conducted during travel, a heavy jet is the way to go. Larger or heavy jets include more amenities and areas for conducting business. In addition, larger types of private jets will make a lasting impression about your company to business partners.

In summary, there are several considerations to make when chartering a private jet. It?s wise to determine how many passengers you will be traveling with. If it?s you and a few associates, a smaller jet is a great choice. However, a large number of passengers will need either a mid or large sized jet to accommodate everyone. No matter how many passengers you?re traveling with, long flights can make everyone tired. It?s best to utilize the spaciousness of larger types of private jets to allow guests room to rest. In some cases, business won?t be able to wait until your jet lands. If you need to hit the ground running on a new project, you?ll need the work space, meeting areas, and table tops seen in larger jets. Choosing the right type of private jet will help ensure you have a perfect future business trip.

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