4 Animals You’ll See on a Kayak Swamp Tour

Kayak swamp tour

Statistics show that 41% of wetlands in the nation are located in Louisiana. Many people come to this state to take part in kayak swamp tours. These tours provide an unforgettable look at the amazing Louisiana Wetlands. The wetlands in Louisiana are made of nearly 7,800 square miles of swamps, marshes, and estuaries. One of the best parts of kayak swamp tours is spotting amazing native animals. Here are fun facts about some of the interesting animals found in the wetlands of Louisiana.

  1. Coyote

    You might be surprised to find out that coyotes are found in Louisiana. These animals share many traits with wolves but tend to be smaller. Coyotes are known to be found in many climates due to their ability to adapt to many different settings. There are currently 19 subspecies of coyote found throughout the world. Coyotes mainly feed on other animals but will eat fruits and vegetables.
  2. Nutria

    These animals are considered rodents as they have a destructive nature. A nutria or coypu is often found burrowing and feeding on plant life. The origin of the nutria is hard to trace but many feel this animal came from South America. It’s common to find nutria hanging out along the miles of wetlands in Louisiana while on a kayak swamp tour. The nutria is known for having different nicknames across multiple countries. Germans commonly refer to the nutria as beaver rat based on the animal’s appearance.
  3. Alligator

    An alligator is one of the most notable animals to see on a kayak swamp tour. Historians feel the name alligator came from the Spanish phrase el lagarto or the lizard. Evidence of the first known alligator traces back to nearly 66 million years ago. Experts are still trying to determine the average lifespan of an alligator. However, one alligator that resides in Serbia’s Belgrade Zoo is at least 80 years old. Alligators are rarer than you might think, these animals are only found in North America and China.
  4. Osprey

    The osprey is a bird commonly seen in the wetlands of Louisiana. An osprey is sometimes referred to as a sea or river hawk. This bird is one of few animals to be found throughout all part of the world. The osprey is made up of four subspecies. An osprey’s call is notable for being especially high pitched. Fish make up a huge part of an osprey’s diet but they’re known to eat birds and reptiles.

In closing, there are many amazing animals you’ll see while on a swamp tour. Statistics show that 37% of families felt a vacation made everyone happy. Kayak swamp tours make for a great vacation idea. Louisiana is filled with many animals throughout its wetlands. You might find a coyote near the land while alligators roam in nearby water. You and your family can expect to see many types of amazing animals during these tours. Louisiana is a state with amazing mammals, reptiles, and birds that must be seen.

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