How a Well Designed Website Can Help Guests Find Your RV Park

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“Build it and they will come”. In the digital age the old adage might need some modification, along the lines of “Build it and make sure they can find you through an SEO, mobile-friendly website, and they will come”. That’s because with the vast expansion in mobile devices and connectivity, people rely more and more on the internet for their work and leisure activities. In fact, the first thing that anyone looking for an rv park at a given location will do is an online search to look at the options. As a campground owner, you want to be sure that your site will be listed at or near the top of that search.

What is SEO and why do you need it?
Search engine optimization helps viewers find your website more easily. When looking for products or services online, 44% of all shoppers begin with an online search. Each search turns up thousands of results, so it’s important for your business to feature near the top of the search listings. This can be tricky, because search engines like Google use complex algorithms to define searches.
Moreover, these algorithms are a closely guarded secret and are changed 5-600 times a year. Which means that you need a professionally search engine optimized website to connect with your potential guests. Once they’ve found you, they should be able to find important information like maps and directions, site layout, online reservation forms and amenities.

Mobile friendly websites for travelers
People have come to take it for granted that they will be able to connect to the internet on their mobile devices, no matter where they are. Often they may not even bother to plan ahead but just do a search for a place to camp or park their rv when they’re already on the road. RV park and camping websites that are optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have an advantage here.
That’s because when a website is optimized for mobile devices, it fits the small screen easily and the viewer can see all important information without having to scroll down or sideways. The menu is easily accessible and the site loads quickly. All of this means that campers and RV-ers will be able to see all relevant informational about your rv park at a glance.

Why travel website design matters
Campground website design matters for a number of reasons. When a site is search engine optimized, it can be found easily and quickly. Mobile friendly websites give viewers all the information they need in an easily accessible format. And perhaps most importantly, your website becomes the first contact that potential guests have with your business.
This means that they will judge your rv park or camping ground on the basis on your website design. If it is easy to access, accurate and well designed, they will see this as a reflection of the campground itself. As many as 92% of rv campers surveyed said that the website design would impact their decision to make a reservation at a particular campsite.

With a mobile friendly SEO website, your guests can find your rv park and campsite easily and quickly. With maps, information on amenities and online booking, they can go from search to reservation in a few short minutes. So really, all you need is to build a well designed to help your guests to find you, and they will come.

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