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Live La Dolce Vita With an Italian Romantic Getaway

Wedding villas tuscany

Priceline did a survey in 2016 called the “Traveler’s Sweet Spot,” which showed that almost 40% of men and almost 35% of women cited romantic getaways as the best kind of vacation. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, where else can you find the most romantic hotels but in Italy? Visiting the Tuscany region in Italy can be a dream come true, for both you and your partner. From the most romantic hotels to sprawling vineyards to watching fiery sunsets from the top of an old castle, Italy has everything and more to offer visitors. Let the Italian language embrace you, enjoy a delicious plate of pasta, take in gorgeous art and architecture, and stroll through lush vineyards. A visit to Tuscany will surely top the charts for any ro

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