American Airlines Partners With Mattress Company

In flight entertainment systems

Statistics show that, on average, 8 million people take airplane flights each day. Many passengers are ready to sit down and begin enjoying their respective airplane display systems. Not all passengers are boarding a plane are thinking about in flight entertainment systems. Nearly 17% of passengers on flights prefer to sleep while in the air. It’s understandable that certain passengers value sleep, especially those pressed for time. Here is more information about how one airline is partnering with a mattress company to provide comfort to passengers.

Airlines Often Partner With Outside Companies to Redesign Bedding

Certain airlines have partnered with other businesses to create new amenity programs for passengers. Many customers have enjoyed how comfortable global aircraft interiors have become. In 2013, Delta Airlines partnered with the Westin hotel company to create new bedding for sleepy passengers. Many felt that the Delta choosing to partner with a company known for hospitality was a wise idea. United Airlines had plans of their own to provide bedding for passengers. This airline worked with the legendary company Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

Many people have seen advertisements about the Casper mattress company. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Casper company’s mattresses. American Airlines announced a recent partnership with Casper in order to update their current bedding designs. The airline will not officially use Casper mattresses. However, Casper will remain in close partnership with American Airlines throughout the design process. Many younger passengers value the airplane display a flight provider utilizes. Experts feel that the partnership with Casper will help American Airlines draw in a younger generation of passengers.

New Bedding Will be Available to Certain Customers

American Airlines plans on offering the new bedding line to premium customers. Casper and American Airlines aren’t just offering bedding for their passengers. These two companies are working together to ensure passengers have specially made pajamas and slippers. Statistics show that nearly 78% of customers taking domestic trips are doing so for leisure purposes. It makes sense that tired passengers are looking forward to bedding over an airplane display.

In summary, recent news was announced that American Airlines is upgrading their bedding for passengers. Many passengers board a plane, looking forward to seeing the aircraft display systems. However, certain passengers enter a flight with plans to relax and catch some sleep. American Airlines is partnering with the Casper mattress company to redesign their bedding equipment for tired passengers. Casper is a newer company but one that has been quite successful. Many feel that American Airlines partnership with Casper is an attempt to appeal to a younger, hipper generation of passengers. It is reported that American Airlines will offer this new style of bedding on select international and domestic flights.

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