Kayak swamp tour

Statistics show that 41% of wetlands in the nation are located in Louisiana. Many people come to this state to take part in kayak swamp tours. These tours provide an unforgettable look at the amazing Louisiana Wetlands. The wetlands in Louisiana are made of nearly 7,800 square miles of swamps, marshes, and estuaries. One of the best parts of kayak swamp tours is spotting amazing native animals. Here are fun facts about some of the interesting animals found in the wetlands of Louisiana.

  1. Coyote

    You might be surprised to find out that coyotes are found in Louisiana. These animals share many traits with wolves but tend to be smaller. Coyotes are kno

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Campground design

“Build it and they will come”. In the digital age the old adage might need some modification, along the lines of “Build it and make sure they can find you through an SEO, mobile-friendly website, and they will come”. That’s because with the vast expansion in mobile devices and connectivity, people rely more and more on the internet for their work and leisure activities. In fact, the first thing that anyone looking for an rv park at a given location will do is an online search to look at the options. As a campground owner, you want to be sure that your site will be listed at or near the top of that search.

What is SEO and why do you need it?
Search engine optimization helps viewers find your website more easily. When looking for products or services online, 44% of all shopp

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Get an executive jet charter

Every business owner knows that no two meetings are alike. Many companies choose to rent a private jet for business travel needs. A survey conducted in 2009 found that respondents traveling by private jet saw a 20% in productivity when compared to being inside of the office. In this post, you will learn three considerations to make before choosing which private jet to charter.

Number of Passengers

If you only need to bring along a few passengers, a light jet should be perfect. These jets may be small in size but they will still provide plenty of speed. Longer trips will call for larger jets. It?s best to utilize a mid size or large cabin jet for any group larger than eight people. There are many types of private jets available to accommodate a wide range of passeng

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